Wallax Farma since its inception opted for and bet for the dietetic products after extensive market research in which we clearly observed a need to improve the formulations and offer products that obviously improve in different aspects those that already existed.

This was a difficult challenge to overcome, but thanks to the implementation of a thorough research process has allowed us to have some products, enteral diets that differ in better than other competitors, namely on the basis of:
Better flavor in all its presentations.
Most competitive price in general
More broad expiration in liquid diets.
Free of bisphenols for its glass containers what give us among many the following advantages:
Reusable packaging.
Waterproof and heat resistant within a certain range, completely hermetic.
A barrier against temperature changes.
Important is also that the consumer can see inside the container verifying in this the appearance of the product.
Chemically non-contaminating material.
They can not be pierced by sharp agents.
It does not produce “migrations”, that is, transfer of non-polymeric components, as happens from plastic to food.
The plastic as it is known releases harmful toxins for our health.
Help clean the planet, more are creating serious problems to the environment, we no longer talk about the pollution of the oceans and how harmful they are for fish and for the human consumption of these.